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New Training Classes

Obedience Classes:
Mon: 5 pm drop in obed, all levels (Lynsey)
Tues: 5:45 pm agility practices (Lynsey)
7 pm Jan 8th, basic obed (Vicki)
Weds: 6:15 Got Your Six Service Dogs (Emily)
7:15 drop in Therapy dogs (Emily)
Thurs: 1 pm drop in obed, all levels (Lynsey)
6:30 pm Dec 13th, basic obed (Lynsey)
7:45 pm Dec 13th, interm obed (Lynsey)
Fri: 6:15 agility practices (Lynsey)
Sat: 10 am, Jan 12th, basic obed (Vicki)

Please see Infinite Pawsibilities for more training options with Lynsey.

FREE EVALUATIONS, private, lodge and train, day train, in home also available.

Please call Cindy or Lynsey for more info and to register 618-345-0278.

Metro_East_Lab_Rescue Got your six support dogs

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Grooming Appointments Available 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Monday – Saturday
Call 618-344-4096 to make your appointment!

Our groomer Tarah and our bather Kelli provide quality grooming and bathing for your furry friend at a reasonable cost!



Bath, Brush, Nails

Bath, Brush, Nails, Neaten
(face, fanny, feet)

Full Groom
(Length off body plus bath, brush, nails)

malamute-768x936Complimentary with all grooms – festive bandana or bow, fragrance, nail dremel, berry facial, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, fluff/blow dry and brush, ear plucking if needed, anal glands

Only quality shampoos/conditioners are used (Nature’s Specialties). Plus we have many specialty shampoos for any skin problem. Shed-ez product is very popular for the canine shedders!

Yes, we groom cats but prefer to schedule closer to noon when the grooming area is quieter for them. Please call for details and always transport safely in a carrier.

We groom all breed types.

All grooming pricing depends on the size of the pet, what you want done, what shape the pet is in. Extra charges will be added for fleas, ticks, matting or difficult behavior.

Only need a nail trim?

We can do just that. Just call us at (618) 344-4096 before you come to make sure someone is available during the time you would like to come!