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New Training Classes

Obedience Classes:
Mon: 5 pm drop in obed, all levels (Lynsey)
Tues: 5:45 pm agility practices (Lynsey)
7 pm Jan 8th, basic obed (Vicki)
Weds: 6:15 Got Your Six Service Dogs (Emily)
7:15 drop in Therapy dogs (Emily)
Thurs: 1 pm drop in obed, all levels (Lynsey)
6:30 pm Dec 13th, basic obed (Lynsey)
7:45 pm Dec 13th, interm obed (Lynsey)
Fri: 6:15 agility practices (Lynsey)
Sat: 10 am, Jan 12th, basic obed (Vicki)

Please see Infinite Pawsibilities for more training options with Lynsey.

FREE EVALUATIONS, private, lodge and train, day train, in home also available.

Please call Cindy or Lynsey for more info and to register 618-345-0278.

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Doggie Day Camp


Cindy’s Critter Camp is happy to offer our excellent Doggie Day Camp service. Imagine, your doggy coming home just as tired as you are after a long day. No longer is he home alone in a cage. No more accidents because he can not get outside in time. No more chewed pillows. No more mess when you come home! And no more feeling guilty…

Cindy’s Critter Camp’s fenced-in play ground includes spacious grounds with agility equipment and 2 pools!

Your dog will have his own climate controlled (AC & Heat) indoor/outdoor run, music, bedding, toys, treats, water and food. He will enjoy two 20 minute play sessions – with or without other dogs – and a lot of human and canine interaction. Games, activities and run around time to keep your best friend occupied and happy!


  • Grooming Services Available
  • Professional Dog Training Available
  • Free Training Tips
  • Crate Training Available

While they are here, your dog can take advantage of our on site grooming and training. Our professional trainer is available and will be happy to give your pooch any one on one attention that you require. This even extends to crate training for house breaking and free training tips. We can help your buddy become a better dog.

For the safety and well-being of all of the critters at Critter Camp, we do require our guests to have Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella vaccinations, and any guests over 6 months old will need to be spayed and neutered. Call 618-344-4096 if you have any questions.